RoyalGold Documentation

Thank you for your purchase

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form (right sidebar, at the bottom). Thanks so much!

I take feedback seriously and I always do my best to help out everyone, so you can be sure you'll hear from me sooner or later, depending on my availability and the nature of your issue. Also, please include a preview URL, temporary WordPress access or screenshots that may help me figure out in the debugging process.

WordPress basic knowledge

If you have little or no knowledge of how WordPress works please take some time to familiarize yourself with the framework.

WordPress Documentation WordPress Screencasts


Before installing the theme and setting up the content, please make sure you have the latest version of WordPress installed. The theme should work with minor previous versions, but my advice is to update as soon as possible. Ideally you should also start with a clean installation, with no plugins installed and build your website from there.

Once you're ready, login into the WordPress admin and follow the steps below.

In the ZIP file you downloaded from ThemeForest there should be a folder called Wordpress Theme and inside, a file called (which is the installable WordPress file). There are two ways to install the theme:

  1. WordPress Upload - Go to Appearance > Themes, click the Install Themes tab, then click Upload. Choose the ZIP file from your hard drive and click Install Now. Wait for a few seconds for the file to upload, then click Activate.
  2. FTP Upload - If you're familiar with using an FTP client, all you have to do is upload the royalgold folder into /wp-content/themes/, then go to Appearance > Themes and click Activate for the theme.
Note: Do not use the main ZIP file you downloaded (use or Installable WordPress file only), otherwise the whole process will fail.
Note: Make sure you activate the RoyalGold Helper plugin in order for the theme to work properly. You will receive a notification after you succesfully upload the theme.
Note: If you like to use the same pages, posts and content as in the preview site you should go to Tools > Import > WordPress and install the Import plugin if you don't have it already. After the plugin is installed select the content.xml file available in the purchased ZIP and import all pages and posts in your site.


This theme comes with a custom SMOF admin panel which offers multiple options to configure your website. Make sure you familiarize yourself with its settings by reading the descriptions on the right side. After installation, the theme recommands some useful plugins, which you can use to extend your website - use them at your own will. Support for those plugins is not offered by me (please contact the plugin author), but I provide some files which may be useful for their customization (available in Import Data folder).

Once you have a few pages created, you can go to Appearance > Menus and start creating a custom menu for your website. Click the Create Menu button on the right, then start adding posts or pages from the left panels. After you create and save your menu, a new panel will show up on the left, called Theme Locations. Select the menu created as Main Menu to be displayed in the header area of the website.

Tip: if you have a large no. of pages please group them in sub-menus so that the design looks good (see the live preview for an example).

Theme Features

The theme comes with several custom page templates and a variety of shortcodes.

Page Templates

The theme comes with several custom page templates to display the content - use them at your will and experiment with them to see which one fits your needs best.


The theme comes with a variety of shortcodes, here are examples for each one:

  • [the-year] - displays the current year (useful for footer copyright notices)
  • [blog-title] - displays the blog title (useful for footer copyright notices)
  • [site-link] [blog-link] - link to the current website
  • [highlight] - hightlight text in a paragraph
  • [tooltip text="..."] - add a tooltip description
  • [alert type="..."] - display alert box
    • type: info, success, notice, error
    [alert type="success"]Alert text...[/alert]
  • [collapse] - wrap collapse elements
    • type: default, only-one-visible
  • [collapse-item] - display collapse item
    • title text used for the title
    • opened true or no attribute
    [collapse type="only-one-visible"]
    	[collapse-item title="Purus Ridiculus Amet" opened="true"]...[/collapse-item]
  • [thumb] - display lightbox thumbnail link
    • link: full source of the image
    • title: title that will be displayed in lightbox mode
    • rel: set lightbox rel text
    • class: add extra class
    • overlay: true/false - determine if a mask will be visible
    • overlay_icon: icon-fullsize, icon-link, icon-video
    [thumb link="full-image.jpg"]<img src="small-image.jpg">[/thumb]
  • [search-form] - display a search form
  • [social-link] - display social link
    • type: icon-twitter, icon-github, icon-googleplus, icon-rss, icon-email, icon-dribbble, icon-pinterest, icon-instagram, icon-wordpress, icon-vimeo, icon-youtube, icon-linkedin, icon-flickr, icon-tumblr, icon-behance, icon-digg, icon-forrst, icon-zerply, icon-evernote
    • title: tooltip text
    • target: _blank - open link in new tab (empty opens it in same window/tab)
    • url: social link url
    [social-link type="twitter" url=""]Twitter[/social-link]
  • [responsive-container] - make an embed/iframe responsive
  • [button] - output a button link
    • url: link of the button
    • size: small, big (empty is normal)
    • color: grey, dark (empty is color)
    • target: "_blank" - open in new tab (empty means open in same window/tab)
    • rel: set rel attribute
    • id: set ID attribute
    [button url="" size="big" color="gray"]Download[/button]
  • [sep] - display a horizontal separator
  • [clear] - clear floated content

Sources & Credits

I've used the following sources as listed below:

Note: I don't offer support for external plugins like Contact Form 7, easyReservations or Responsive Lightbox - please contact the plugin author. I provide some import files which may be useful for their customization, but that's pretty much it.

Final thought

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions related to this item. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist.